Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ayla and Emlen's Wedding in BRIDES

 It truly is the best when two of your best friends marry each other. Emlen went to business school with my husband and Ayla is my dear girlfriend who I met through work. Soon after my husband and I started dating, these two met and voila! A perfect match was made! Within weeks, we knew they would get married and what a wonderful wedding it was!
 Ayla would have looked beautiful had she worn a paper bag to her wedding, but instead she decided to wear a blush pink Monique Llhulier gown with snakeskin Manolos. They had a quaker ceremony filled with heartfelt wishes, followed by a family-style luncheon, an a capella serenade, and a confetti departure!
 This last shot ran in the November 2012 issue of Brides Magazine as the entire back page of the issue. This "outtake", as Brides calls it, is one of my favorite candids from the wedding. It is shot with one of my Nikon 35mm cameras, on 3200 speed film. This departure was so fast (and unannounced) that I shot as many frames as I could with the hope that I would capture something worthwhile. The out-of-focus bride and the snow-shower of confetti demonstrate the chaos of the moment. If it were all sharp it wouldn't be nearly as exciting!

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