Monday, November 9, 2009

Kate and Brady

I recently shot the wedding of an old high school classmate of mine. Kate has been a cheerleader on my behalf for years, referring me to friends to shoot their weddings, and even getting me two fashion accounts. She always told me that when her turn came, she would be calling me! I wanted to be sure to give her the best possible images I could to thank her for how she has supported me over the last several years.
It was a beautiful country wedding, and the weather was perfect. A crisp fall day full of yellows and reds, but just warm enough to be outdoors in a strapless dress. Kate and Brady were married at our high school chapel (same as my husband and I were just a few months before) and it was beautiful.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jack and Lucy

It's nice to do a family portrait in the fall! The leaves, the colors, the sweaters. We had a beautiful, cool day. It's always a challenge with any family portrait to provide my clients with a combination of the formal and informal shots. You need to get the family shot, of course, but what makes my portraits special are the in-between moments. That's why I love this shot of the two kids standing in the door. It recognizes beauty in the everyday, and it shows the inquisitive nature of childhood- being a little bit shy, but wanting to know who that stranger is with the camera.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

After this Brooklyn wedding, the bride and groom led their guests out into the rainy streets for some post-wedding partying at a local pub. It made for a romantic departure shot with the streetlights reflecting off of the wet sidewalks and the newlyweds united under their umbrella.