Monday, May 14, 2012

In the car!

One of my favorite shooting opportunities at a wedding is in and around the car!

First you have the bride by herself. There's an excitement, an anticipation as she heads to the ceremony. She gets in and out of the car with nervousness and enthusiasm. And she'll usually sit with her body tight in the back of the car, careful not to wrinkle her dress.

Once the groom is added to the ride, there is a new level of relaxation! The post-wedding joy sets in.

The first in this series was from a wedding I shot eight years ago, and was a very powerful shot at the time. The vintage car (vintage was "new" then), the groom's confident pose, and the tiers on the train of her Carolina Herrera dress were all evidence of a very stylish wedding. The two color shots shown are taken within the last six months, and the third to last shot is yours truly- at my own wedding 3 years ago! (Taken by Liz Banfield)

Through all of the years of shooting, I've learned that photographing in and around the car is an opportunity not to be passed-up.

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