Friday, July 2, 2010

Violet and David's PhotoBooth

At every wedding, I'm always looking for a great photo of the couple at the end of the night. I need a shot to finish-out the "story", or to be a closer in the album, and ideally, I want that shot to have some emotional content. This is harder to accomplish than you would think! Frequently, the bride and groom are talking to different groups of people at this point- he's doing shots with his boys, and she's on the dance floor with her girls. But at Violet and David's wedding, I pulled them over to the photobooth at the end of the evening.
I hadn't set-up the photobooth myself, but the photographer running it was nice enough to let me snap a few shots. I just used the modeling light from the Octabank, which gave me a really soft and warm light. It also created that vignetting at the corners, which is really beautiful.
I love these images, and they're the perfect "end of the night" shots. Congratulations, David and Violet!

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