Thursday, April 11, 2013

City Hall

 I was recently chatting with one of my best girlfriends about her City Hall wedding. She was getting married in the Bahamas a week later, so she and her husband decided to get it done at City Hall beforehand just to make the whole marriage license thing a bit easier.
 We were all relatively casual about it- I was the only one there and I was their "witness". They did get dressed for the occasion, but no one brought any rings- so before I left the house I shoved some silver twisty-ties in my pocket just in case. And when the justice of the peace said, "And may I see the rings" it was a good thing I had.
 Looking back, Shree said that these pictures are even more meaningful to her than her "real" wedding pictures. "It's just that - to me - that was when we really got married!" she said.
 And I'm so glad I was there!

 These pictures were shot with black and white film on my Nikon F100, and Portra 400 film on my Contax 645.

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